Safe Urban Driving in the Mazda3 Sedan

The Mazda3 Sedan has cutting-edge technology that helps you avoid accidents. Available in three models at Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach, this mid-size sedan starts at just more than $19,000. Most of the car's active safety amenities are controlled by the i-ACTIVSENSE system.The Adaptive Front-Lighting System in this Mazda model can automatically alter the projection of light when you make a turn. This advanced lighting system can raise or lower the headlights by up to 15 degrees. Whether you're merging onto a curved ramp or making a sharp turn in an urban neighborhood, the Adaptive Front-Lighting System helps you detect potential obstacles at night.

The Mazda Radar Cruise Control is another smart driving aide that's installed in this mid-size car. By measuring the distance between this vehicle and another automobile, the technology predicts a potential forward collision. You'll also receive warnings in the dashboard if you approach another car in a risky manner.



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