Is it Best to Use Dealership Parts for Replacement in Your Vehicle

When it comes to buying parts for your vehicle the question comes up about where to purchase them. Many people like to brag about how inexpensive they were able to find parts by going to a discount auto store or buying them online.

But if that were the case that these sources are so much cheaper than dealership parts, one wonders why the manufacturers just don't just use discount junk parts on new cars since they are so much cheaper. The real story, however, revolves around a much more important aspect than price. Factory approved parts are what came with your car when you originally purchased it. They were engineered and built to be the very best parts that existed for that make and model car. Why then all of a sudden when a part needs replacing would anyone want to use an inferior part?

There is a reason that aftermarket parts are less expensive. Generally, they are not of the quality of dealership parts, and they don't last. Stop searching for the cheapest parts in the local area and instead settle for genuine parts with our team at Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach!

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