Poor Gas Mileage may Predict Exhaust Leaks

If you’ve noticed a drop in your gas mileage lately, gas leaks or old spark plugs may not be the problem. Rather, your leaky exhaust system may be causing your mileage woes, and in that case, you'll need to schedule a visit to our auto repair shop soon.

Exhaust systems that develop leaks can make it harder for engines to aspirate. The extra energy that such motors must expend can produce a precipitous drop in gas mileage. In addition to poor gas mileage, overworked motors can age quickly and develop a raft of related problems. As such, detecting and fixing exhaust system leaks is a key component to maintaining good engine health.

Detecting leaks in your system can require the use of specialized diagnostic tools, and luckily we have the requisite technologies at our Delray Beach, FL area location. In addition, we staff certified exhaust system specialists who can wield these tools on your behalf. For a no-obligation conversation about your needs, swing by Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach today.

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