Safely Test the Car Battery with the Voltmeter

To safely test your car battery using a voltmeter, be sure you have a wire brush, some work gloves, and protective eye-wear.

Put on your safety glasses and gloves, and once the engine is off, clean the battery terminals with the wire brush.

Now that you have clean contact points, use the voltmeter red cable to attach to the positive battery terminal. The black cable will be placed on the negative side of the battery.

Once the meter is on, a reading in the 12.4 range or higher shows the battery has charging power and is still in good working order. The reading under 12.2 shows the battery has lost the power to crank over your car engine and can no longer hold a charge effectively.

If the reading on the voltmeter shows low charging power, come visit Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach so we can test the charging system further to find the issue.

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