Watch for Water on the Road

After rain begins falling while you're driving, try to drive in the tracks that are left by other vehicles. This can sometimes help to keep water from ponding on the road, which can then decrease your risk of hydroplaning. You also want to avoid driving on the sides of the road, as this is where most of the water tends to run off.

Check your windshield wipers occasionally to ensure that they work as they should. Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach can install new wipers if you see that they aren't keeping water off of your windshield or if they are leaving streaks behind.

Don't use cruise control if at all possible while driving in the rain. When cruise control is off, you'll be able to manage your speed a bit better as well as braking while driving. If your foot is over the gas and the brake pedals, it's a little easier to quickly stop compared to if you're letting the cruise setting take over.



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