Explore the Dynamic Mazda CX-9 Safety Features

There are many wonderful reasons why the Mazda CX-9 remains an immensely popular 3-row SUV. It looks like luxury and handles like a lava-smooth, sporty ride. It's also got some of the most noteworthy safety features available among vehicles in its class. Here are two safety features that have us talking.

Imagine your vehicle reads traffic signs for you. You don't have to imagine; the Mazda CX-9 already does. Its Traffic Sign Recognition System uses cameras to interpret traffic signs and display the info in the Active Driving Display. This means you don't have to remove your eyes from the road, making for more attentive driving.

Confident driving is better driving, according to Mazda. The Blind Spot Monitoring system gives you the confidence that your back is covered as you drive each day. The system delivers a chime and illuminates a side view light when another vehicle enters your blind spot or approaches your rear at a high speed. Witness the Mazda CX-9 Blind Spot Monitoring system for yourself. Swing by Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach today for a test drive.



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