Tips for Reducing Glare

Driving while you're heading straight into bright sunshine is not just annoying but can also be dangerous. Dust on your windshield acts to diffuse light, creating a haze that makes it almost impossible to see the road ahead. It can also happen quite quickly, leaving drivers unsure of road conditions ahead.

In addition to using your sun visor to best effect, it's a good idea to keep a pair of sunglasses in your car for times like these. Keeping adequate levels of windshield fluid at all times is a good habit to make so you're never caught without a way to keep your windshield clean. You'll also want to keep papers or other items off of your dashboard, as their reflection on the windshield can contribute to the problem.

You can visit Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach to test drive your next vehicle or to discuss with our mechanics any aftermarket items, such as sun visor extenders, you can place in your car to help reduce glare.



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