Improve Vehicle Fuel Economy

Even the most economical vehicles may perform inefficiently if drivers do not drive conservatively. A few tips might help save money along the way. If needing to make multiple trips about town, plan to complete all of the errands during the same trip. The more frequently that drivers get behind the wheel, the more gas a vehicle uses.

In extreme warm or cold temperatures, vehicles typically require more fuel due to the need for running the heating and cooling systems. Avoid idling the vehicle for more than 30 seconds during winter. The engine warms faster when driving. Open the windows in summer when driving around town and to let the warm cabin air escape before venturing onto the highway.

Performing regular maintenance also ensures the vehicle operates efficiently. Schedule your vehicle for maintenance needs at a trusted Mazda service facility. If you're ready to upgrade your Mazda to a newer model, then come on by Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach today!



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