As the winter season consolidates itself, we are committed to helping drivers get their cars ready to stand up to the elements. When it comes to winter driving, it is crucial that cars perform as consistently as possible, whether you travel in Delray Beach or elsewhere. This consistent performance extends to the starting system, as there is no doubt that winter drivers expect and need their engines to engage every time they turn their keys.

To make sure that this happens, drivers need to make sure that all of the components of their starter systems are in good shape. While it can be time-consuming to physically take apart engines to inspect starter systems, drivers who pay attention to basic warning signs can often stay ahead of the game.

As it happens, starters that are damaged or beginning to fail often make strange noises as they do so. For example, damaged starters will often begin to grind when drivers turn their keys or press starter buttons. This is because over time, gears on starters can strip and lose purchase. When this happens, grinding noises and eventual starter failure is the result.


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