Suppose you are driving around in the suburbs of Delray Beach and hear a loud noise coming from one of your tires and then your vehicle starts to handle weird. You have most likely just blown a tire. Here are the quick steps to changing a flat tire.

Every vehicle comes from the factory with a tool kit to handle this situation. Each manufacturer has created its own way of fixing a flat, but the most common method is with a spare tire. Your spare is most likely located in the rear of the vehicle, where you will also find tools to perform the repair. All you need to do is jack up the flat tire and take it off using the tire iron. Then replace it with your spare tire and lower the vehicle back down.

You should not make a habit of driving on your spare and when you have a chance you should stop by Grieco Mazda of Delray Beach's service center to have a new tire placed on your wheel.



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